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Zahoor Ahmad Wani

August 8, 2019 Length: 1284 words

The Continuing Relevance of Karl Marx

Marx’s theories of alienation, exploitation, class struggle and ideology remain more relevant than ever, but have to be separated from the enormous distortions they have suffered. First appeared in Mainstream Weekly (India), June 1, 2019, here:  — Editors 

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Jens Johansson

July 13, 2019 Length: 1019 words

Swedish Social Democrats Drift Further Right on Nuclear Ban and the Environment

Summary: For two years Sweden has debated whether to ratify the UN’s Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. On Friday, July 12, the nation’s Social Democratic minister of foreign affairs announced that Sweden will not sign the treaty. Thousands, both within and outside the Social Democratic Party, expressed disappointment with the decision – Editors.

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Lautaro Tapia

July 8, 2019 Length: 5664 words

The Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Decline: And Why it Matters

Summary: Brief outline of the law itself in terms of overcoming the logic of capital and as foundation for the creation of socialism.  First appeared in New Politics, Vol. XVII, No. 3, Summer 2019 –Editors

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Karel Ludenhoff

July 2, 2019 Length: 712 words

Italian Dockworkers Show Solidarity with Migrants

Summary: Genoa dockworkers stop weapons shipments and support migrants in the face of racist demagoguery from the far right — Editors

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Rehmah Sufi

July 1, 2019 Length: 1553 words

A Protest for Zero Tolerance for Migrant Detention with My 5-Year-Old

Summary: Author takes her daughter to protest against immigrant detention in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago organized by the Little Village Solidarity Network — Editors

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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

June 24, 2019 Length: 554 words

Stop US Imperialist Moves against Iran! For the Liberation of All the Peoples of the Region!

Summary: Today, the US has the most reckless and aggressive regime in its historyA war with Iran, even a “limited” series of airstrikes, could spin out of control, devastating the region and the global economy, with terrible consequences for the people of the world — Editors 

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Kevin B. Anderson

June 4, 2019 Length: 1236 words

To the Arab Readers of Marx at the Margins

Summary: Published as “Letter to My Arab Readers” for the new translation into Arabic, Cairo: Arweqa Institution for Studies, Translation, and Publishing, 2019, translated by Hisham Rouhana. First appeared in English in New Politics Online, June 4, 2019  — Editors

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Natália de Oliveira

May 24, 2019 Length: 496 words

Intersections among race, gender and class in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Summary: On Bolsonaro’s first months as new president, emerged as a response to IMHO’s May Day statement of 2019, here  – editors.

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May 22, 2019 Length: 143 words

Trade Union demonstrates at UC Santa Barbara

Summary: Campus workers at University of California protest worsening work conditions – Editors

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Jens Johansson

May 12, 2019 Length: 2238 words

May Day Snap Shots from Around the World

Report of May Day demonstrations from some selected places around the world – Editors.

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J Turk

May 11, 2019 Length: 1807 words

Chicago protests by labor, incarcerated women, communities against police domination

Summary: May Day extended into a week of distinctive protests by campus workers, women prisoners, and police reform activists, in resistance to the powers that be — Editors

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May 8, 2019 Length: 58 words

Venezuela Demonstration at UC Santa Barbara

Summary: Report from a demonstration in support for the Venezuelan people held at UC Santa Barbara, organized by its Campus Marxist-Humanist group.

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Parivartan ki Disha

May 2, 2019 Length: 989 words

How to celebrate 1st May – the International Workers’ Day?

Summary: May Day statement from Nagpur, India – Editors

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The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

April 29, 2019 Length: 585 words

May Day: For a Humanist Alternative to Capitalism

Summary: May Day/International Workers’ Day as retrospective and perspective for today — Editors

(Portuguese translation)

(Swedish translation)

(Persian translation)

(Spanish translation)

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Mounia Bennani-Chraïbi

April 28, 2019 Length: 5 words

University professors concerned about academic freedom restrictions on Maâti Monjib

Statement of support for Moroccan historian, journalist, and human rights activist Maati Monjib, who has also translated Raya Dunayevskaya’s Marxism and Freedom and works by Victor Serge into Arabic — Editors

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