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Kevin B. Anderson

July 14, 2018 Length: 5738 words

War, Imperialism, and Class Polarization on a Global Scale: From East Asia to the Middle East and from South Africa to Europe

Summary: Presented at the Chicago Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization; examines the N. Korea summit, Trump’s and the European far right, the Middle East, and the fate of 2 so…

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Rocio Lopez

July 14, 2018 Length: 1746 words

Contradictions of the Latin American Left: Nicaragua, Venezuela, Mexico, and the PinkTide

Summary: Based upon a presentation to the Convention of International Marxist-Humanist Organization in Chicago, emphasizing current struggles in Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Mexican presidential election…

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Ndindi Kitonga

July 13, 2018 Length: 2365 words

Race, Capitalism, and Resistance in the United States

Summary: Based on a talk at the panel on “Revitalizing Revolutionary Theory and Practice,” Loyola University July 13, 2018, sponsored by Loyola University and the International Marxist-Humanist Organi…

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Arvind Ghosh

July 10, 2018

When Marx Came Anew in Patna

Summary: Report of the international Marx bicentennial conference in Bihar, India. First appeared in Frontier — Editors

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J Turk

July 3, 2018 Length: 1574 words

The Supreme Court Joins Trump’s Plan for a Police State as Mass Protests Resist

Summary: Still another national mobilization – against seizures of refugee children and attacks on immigrant communities — has challenged Trump’s police state vision for America. At the same time, th…

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Rocio Lopez

June 29, 2018 Length: 1137 words

Free the Children!

Summary: On Trump regime’s kidnapping of 2342 refugee and migrant children and the resistance to this outrage — Editors

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Paul Rubner

June 28, 2018 Length: 281 words

On Australia’s Black Dimension: The Northern Territory Intervention

Summary — The ‘Northern Territory Intervention’ launched by the Australian government in 2007 represents yet another episode in the long history of oppression and discrimination directed against this…

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Coalition for Peace; Revolution and Social Justice (CPRSJ)

June 19, 2018 Length: 5 words

[video] Walkout at the Left Forum against Ajamu Baraka’s Assad Apologism

Summary: The pro-Syria revolution left walked out of Green Party leader Ajamu Baraka’s speech at the Left Forum in New York, due to his longstanding support of the murderous Assad regime. First appear…

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Peter Hudis

June 17, 2018

Racism and the Logic of Capitalism: A Fanonion Reconsideration

Summary: An examination of Frantz Fanon’s writings helps us to transcend one-sided class-reductionist analyses and equally one-sided affirmations of identity that bypass or ignore class. First appeare…

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Sankar Ray

June 13, 2018

Marx Was A Great Scholar in Mathematics, Linguistics

Summary: On Karl Marx’s Mathematical Manuscripts with a Special Supplement, translated and edited by Pradip Baksi, a Kolkata-based Marx scholar, and issued by Aakar Books. First published by India Pre…

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Richard Abernethy

June 10, 2018 Length: 281 words

Oxford March to Save Our National Health Service

Summary: Health workers and supporters march for free health care for all, and workers’ rights — Editors

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Douglas Lain

June 8, 2018 Length: 12 words

[Video] What Does the Working Class Know? A Report on the Left Forum

Summary: Douglas Lain of Zero Books on what he takes to have been the highlights of Left Forum 2018. Marxist-Humanism features prominently, with Peter Hudis’s theorization of Marx’s concept of labor c…

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David Black

May 23, 2018 Length: 1829 words

On CLR James and Hegel’s Dialectic

Summary: Based on a talk to the ‘No Peace in the Park: Psychedelic Bolshevik Day School’, 17 June 2017, Norfolk Heritage Park, Sheffield – slightly expanded in light of discussion — Editors

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Marcelo Mendez

May 22, 2018 Length: 1938 words

University of Contradictions: Campus Workers’ Strike at UCSC

Summary: A student writes on the university’s inextricable links to capitalism in relation to the mass strike at University of California, Santa Cruz by campus workers; includes some workers’ voices….

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Kevin B. Anderson

May 21, 2018 Length: 2502 words

Trump and Netanyahu Seek Imperial Realignment of Middle East via Brute Force, Massacring Palestinians and Threatening War on Iran

Summary: Links termination of Iran nuclear agreement to May 14 massacre in Palestine and threat of war in the region; first appeared in New Politics Online (May 21) — Editors

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