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David Black

May 13, 2018 Length: 2282 words

An ‘Impulse Towards Freedom’: On Paul Mason’s call for a Marxist-Humanist Challenge to Capitalist Automation

Summary: Paul Mason’s essay in the New Statesman for the Marx bicentenary is a ringing endorsement of Raya Dunayevskaya’s interpretation of Marx’s humanism, which raises timely questions for radicals…

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Paul Mason

May 8, 2018

Why Marx Is More Relevant Than Ever in the Age of Automation

Summary: We are linking to this article from the major British weekly New Statesman of May 7, 2018, on the timeliness of Raya Dunayevskaya’s Marxist-Humanism in relation to the legacies of Frieda Kahl…

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Nigel Gibson

May 5, 2018 Length: 11 words

Karl Marx at 200: Why the Workers’ Way of Knowing Still Matters

Summary: Connects Marx to ongoing struggles for liberation, especially around gender and the Global South — Editors

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Rocio Lopez

May 1, 2018 Length: 283 words

IMHO May Day Speech, Los Angeles

Summary: Invited antiwar speech by representative of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization at May Day rally sponsored by Union del Barrio, following a march by several hundred from MacArthur…

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Los Angeles Chapter of International Marxist-Humanist Organization

April 28, 2018 Length: 584 words

May Day Statement: For a Humanist Alternative to Capitalism

Summary: We need the complete uprooting of capital and class, but also of oppressions based upon race, gender, and sexual identity, while also projecting a viable alternative to capitalism. Image: Hay…

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Rehmah Sufi

April 24, 2018 Length: 1513 words

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement Rising Across Pakistan

Summary: The increasingly popular non-violent Pashtun Tahafuz (Protection) Movement (PTM), with young leaders from the northwest, is sweeping the country to demand justice in the face of state and mil…

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David Black

April 18, 2018 Length: 1030 words

A Revolutionary Betrayed: Review of the Play, ‘Eleanor Marx: the Jewess of Jews Walk’

Summary: A review of the new play,  “Eleanor Marx: the Jewess of Jews Walk,” which has just opened in London — Editors

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Javier Sethness

April 15, 2018 Length: 1297 words

Imperial Theatrics in Syria: Where Is Justice for Syrians?

Summary: Utter cynicism of US-British-French missile attack on Syria, as murderous Assad regime and its allies continue to suppress the revolution. Originally published by Coalition for Peace, Revolut…

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Kevin B. Anderson

April 10, 2018 Length: 1243 words

Massacre of Peaceful Gaza Demonstrators: An Israeli Crime Against Humanity

Summary: Unprecedented character of Gaza massacre of March 30 shows utter depravity of Israeli government, but will not be able to break will of the Palestinian people. First appeared in New Politics…

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Steering Committee of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization

April 9, 2018 Length: 6184 words

World Contradictions in the Trump Era and the Tasks of Marxist-Humanism

Summary: Slightly abbreviated version of our 2018 Convention Call, covering issues like the global neo-fascist threat and its roots in racism, xenophobia, and sexism; forces of opposition like the Wes…

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Lucy Kaufman,
Dana Naomi Mills

April 6, 2018 Length: 3258 words

Eleanor Marx: the Jewess of Jew’s Walk

Summary: Lucy Kaufman’s new play about Eleanor Marx (the daughter of Karl Marx who was an important artist as well as activist), which will soon open in London—along with a 2014 biography of her by Ra…

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J Turk

April 6, 2018 Length: 342 words

Chicago Rally on 50th Anniversary of King’s Death: The Struggle Grows

Summary: A gathering remembers Martin Luther King Jr. and recommits to the fight against police domination in Chicago–Editors

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Ali Kiani,
Javier Sethness

March 28, 2018 Length: 3103 words

On Internationalism and National Liberation in Syria: Should Afrin Be Defended?

Summary: Two separate articles, by Javier Sethness and Ali Kiani, respond to a critique of our support for the Syrian Kurds by Fredo Corvo, “Is the Defense of Afrin Proletarian Internationalism?”  The…

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Peter Hudis

March 27, 2018 Length: 4304 words

The Vision of the New Society in Marx’s Capital

Summary: Discusses commodity fetishism vs. communism, socially necessary labor time vs. free/creative labor. Includes responses to critiques of Marx by Silvia Federici (on gender) and Endnotes (on com…

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Rocio Lopez

March 26, 2018 Length: 753 words

March for Our Lives LA Protest

Summary: Youth are leading a movement against gun violence and rallied hundreds of thousands in the largest protests for gun control in US history, with this article focusing on the Los Angeles march-…

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