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Heather A. Brown

September 1, 2018 Length: 4577 words

Ecology, Feminism and the Renewal of Marxism

Summary: As awareness grows relative to the pernicious nature of capital in regards to both ecological destruction and gender oppression, there is a need to work out a truly inclusive, non-hierarchical and ecologically sustainable alternative to capitalism. Presented at the Chicago Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization in July–Editors

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Kevork Sassouni

August 21, 2018 Length: 815 words

Noise Demo in Solidarity with Prison Strike at LA’s Twin Tower Correctional Facility

Summary: Leftist groups gather in front of Twin Tower Correctional Facility in Downtown Los Angeles for noise demonstration in solidarity with prisoners going on strike nationwide — Editors

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Abahlali baseMjondolo

August 20, 2018 Length: 772 words

South Africa—S’bu Zikode is Underground

Summary: This urgent statement from Abahlali baseMjondolo, a revolutionary shack-dweller’s movement in South Africa that has done vital work in promoting public housing and opposing evictions, is in response to the dire threats being issued against one of its spokespersons, S’bu Zikode.

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David Black

August 15, 2018 Length: 3689 words

Sixty Years of Raya Dunayevskaya’s Marxism and Freedom: Then and Now

Summary: On the book’s reception at the time of its publication by intellectuals like Alasdair MacIntyre and Paul Mattick, as well as labor activists like Harry McShane and Sheila Leslie; its impact on the British left up through Paul Mason today; and the evolution of the author’s perspectives on Lenin on dialectics. Presented at the July Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization — Editors

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J Turk

August 14, 2018 Length: 3297 words

Politicalization of Philosophy Then and Now

Summary: Raya Dunayevskaya’s concept of the “politicalization of philosophy” routes political analyses through Marxist-Humanist roots. As method for any area of activity, it’s a way to avoid succumbing to a formulaic ideology that approaches any given phenomenon with a series of fixed conclusions, irrespective of existing realities. This article is adapted from a subreport to the 2018 IMHO Convention in Chicago–Editors

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Peter Hudis

August 12, 2018 Length: 6105 words

Marxist-Humanist Perspectives on the Alternative to Capitalism in Light of Anti-Immigrant White Nationalism

Summary: White nationalism’s roots in the present state of global capitalism are explored on the 60th anniversary of Dunayevskaya’s Marxism and Freedom. Why is creating a humanist alternative to capitalism central to finding a way out? Presented at the Chicago Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization in July — Editors

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Mariah Brennan Clegg

August 11, 2018

[Discussion Article] State, Capital, and Ecology

Summary: Presented to the Chicago Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization in July. We are publishing this as a discussion article because there are various views on this subject in the IMHO. First appeared in Climate Justice Project on July 26, 2018 — Editors

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Peter Hudis,
Burke Stanton

August 6, 2018 Length: 811 words

Chicago Protest to Shut Down Lake Shore Drive and March to Wrigley Field

Summary: August 2 march succeeds in a rare shutdown of Lake Shore Drive, as protestors from South Side bring grievances of the Black community into the affluent North Side, garnering national attention — Editors

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Rhaysa Ruas

August 6, 2018 Length: 4685 words

Brazil’s Racial Capitalism at a Turning Point: Rising Militarization after Two Decades of Workers’ Party Government

Summary: The far right is poised to take power as the cultural and political crisis deepens in Brazil, with increasing repression and militarization of society. This is seen in Marielle Franco’s assassination and Lula’s imprisonment as the left remains fragile after compromises with neoliberalism under Workers’ Party rule. Expanded version of a talk at panel, “Revitalizing Revolutionary Theory and Practice,” Loyola University Chicago, July 13, 2018. Photo credit: Tomaz Silvia, Agência Brasil — Editors

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Alireza Kia

August 5, 2018 Length: 1939 words

On Iran and the Middle East

Summary: On popular struggles inside Iran, the stakes in Israel and Palestine, and the responsibilities of Marxist-Humanists. Excerpted from a presentation to the Chicago Convention of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization in July — Editors

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Kevin B. Anderson

August 4, 2018 Length: 4468 words

Marxism and Freedom after Sixty Years, for Yesterday and Today

Summary: Focuses on Dunayevkaya’s treatment of both the dialectics of revolution in Hegel, Marx, and Lenin and the “movement from practice that is itself a form of theory,” as seen in the Hungarian workers councils, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and labor’s fight against automation. Differences with Orwell, Arendt, and C.L.R. James are brought out. First appeared in New Politics (Summer 2018) — Editors

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Lilia D. Monzó

August 3, 2018 Length: 5580 words

Marxist-Humanist Perspectives on Race, Gender and Immigration

Summary: Current anti-immigrant sentiment and policies highlight the need to clarify our position as Marxist-Humanists on the dialectics of race and class. The courageous challenge to these policies presented among Women of Color demands that we think about extending Dunayevskaya’s concept of “Black Masses as Vanguard” in the US to the contexts of today — Editors

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Peter Hudis

July 31, 2018 Length: 1920 words

Why Humanism Matters in the Fight Against Capital

Summary: The dehumanization inherent in the US government’s tearing of migrant children from their families is rooted in the alienated logic of capital, which reduces creative to abstract labor. It is also connected to the young Marx’s notion that gender relations are the measure of our humanity. Presented at panel on “Revitalizing Revolutionary Theory and Practice,” Loyola University Chicago, July 13, 2018. A slightly different version appeared in New Politics Online — Editors

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Rocio Lopez,
Kevork Sassouni

July 28, 2018 Length: 1094 words

Road to Change: March for Our Lives & Black Lives Matter Town Hall

Summary:  Public meeting in South Central Los Angeles brings together youth activists from March for Our Lives and Black Lives Matter for discussion of different forms of violence affecting US youth and the need for a total change — Editors

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Richard Abernethy

July 17, 2018 Length: 908 words

Trump in Britain – Protests all the Way

Summary: Trump’s (un)diplomatic visit: uncertain relations between the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union: and the biggest protests against a foreign leader in British history – Editors.

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