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[Los Angeles] Marx’s CRITIQUE OF THE GOTHA PROGRAM vs. Capitalism and Statist Socialism: From and for Real Communism from Below


Kevin B. Anderson, author of MARX AT THE MARGINS

Andres Miguel Marmol, longtime Chicanx, community, and Marxist activist

We will be previewing a work in progress of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization: a new translation, by Kevin B. Anderson and Karel Ludenhoff, of Marx’s CRITIQUE OF THE GOTHA PROGRAM, with a new introduction by Peter Hudis on Marx’s concept of the alternative to capitalism.  The new translation and introduction help us to focus on building real, revolutionary, humanist alternative to capitalism, vs. all forms of capitalism and of statist socialism, from social democracy to Leninism.

Suggested Reading (we are linking to the older translation in the Marxists Internet Archive, FYI):

Our next public meeting will be in the second half of January, date and topic TBA.

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