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[Chicago] Racism, Militarism, and the Fascist Threat

Leading the discussion: Charles Nissim-Sabat, long-time socialist

It is often forgotten that the Nazis openly admired U.S. racism and European colonialism. The latter are in fact preconditions for fascism, as are anti-immigrant, heterosexist, and misogynist politics. In this light, what does it mean to say that the Trump administration represents a fascist threat? Living as we do under the domination of capital, how can we defend democracy and human rights vs. fascism? How can we do so without losing sight of the fact that “normal” liberal capitalism‘s failure to guarantee even a minimum economic and social security to the working people has paved the way for fascism on more than one occasion?

Background reading:

  • Rhaysa Ruas, “Brazil’s Racial Capitalism at a Turning Point” (2018),
  • Rosa Luxemburg, Ch. 1 of Junius Pamphlet (1915) on imperialist war as offering choice between “socialism or barbarism.”
  • Karel Ludenhoff, “In the Ocean of Crisis: Rightwing Populism and Awakening Fascism vs. Marxist-Humanist Freedom“ (2017),